Hannah Skrinar

Delusional to others opinions, not thinking about what I may become in others thoughts, but who I may become to better myself. When I grow up. It's not going to matter whether or not I was the perfect blonde haired girl. The popular girl. The one everyone liked. That won't matter when I grow up. When I grow up. It's going to matter. Who I was as a person. What I stood for as a person. What I aspire to be and whether or not I chose to follow through.
I aspire to be the person who walks the other way. When everyone is running from their fears. I want to face mine. I will run towards them with all the power I can and defeat them. Then those fears will soon become part of me. My power over others. Because I made the choice to stop lurking in shadows. To embrace who I truly am. Acknowledge my flaws, accept them, embrace them. And to give myself no choice but to be happy.

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