Unit 4 Building Block 2

The Bill of Rights

Big Idea:

  • Individuals influence government in a variety of ways.
  • People in various racial, ethnic, gender and religious groups play a role in history.
  • Historic turning points shape societies and influence future events.

Building Block Overview:

Students learn about the Bill of Rights and several of its key amendments. In the Preview, students consider the freedoms they enjoy in this country. In an Experiential Exercise, students work in small groups to create tableaux vivants, or living scenes, to represent key amendments in the Bill of Rights. Groups present their scenes to classmates who try to determine which amendment is being depicted. In Reading Further, students summarize the points of view of different participants in Tinker v. Des Moines, a Supreme Court decision that extended the protections of freedom of speech to students.

Student Outcomes:

  • I can describe the fundamental rights guaranteed by each amendment in the Bill of Rights.

1.  Read aloud "We the Kids" by David Catrow, or similar resource from Destiny Quest.

2.  Lesson Guide Preview, p. 185

3.  Lesson Guide Building Background Knowledge, p. 185

4.  Lesson Guide Experiential Exercise Phase 1 and 2, p. 186

5.  In Literacy Groups, discuss an aspect of the Bill of Right to share with the class. Each group is responsible for looking for a current event that describes their chosen amendment and presenting to the class.

6.  Checkpoint Assessment