The Glass Castle Project

By: Matt Delp


Forgiveness- Forgiveness is a very important theme in this book. The kids are always having to forgive there parents for the wrongs that they do. Especially the dad, and when he drinks. And when he throws his fits.

Loyalty- Loyalty is another very important theme in this book.  Because when ever something bad happens to the family they have to forgive each other and move on. Like when Jeanette fell out of the car and her dad didn't notice at first, she had to forgive him when he did come back.



Jeanette was in New York City one night and spotted her mother digging in the trash. Her mother has been homeless for years and Jeanette feel bad.

Rising Action

The family have been living the desert for months, mainly in Nevada. The mother decides to become a artist but she needs a source of income, so she has to get a teaching job. The father has a job a electrician and is trying to invent a machine to help find gold. The children explore the desert and attend school.

Then they have to skedaddle into Phoenix. The grandmother dies so they receive a large house and money. The children get bikes and food and they stop digging into trash, and they eventually become homeless again.

Then the family move to welch. They dont like the town it is segregated and crowded, they end up buying a shack.    


The fathers drinking problem gets worst, the parents continue to argue, and they are digging in the trash again.

Falling Action

Jeanette finally settles down with someone names Eric. She is still a writer. And they live in an apartment. Then Jeanette divorces Eric and meets a guy named John. he is a writer as well, they get married and have children.  


The family came together for Thanksgiving.The first time since Rex died of a heart attack. They celebrate it at Brian's  house. Rosemary lives with lori and still continues to wear clothes from the trash and gets her gifts from there.  


Jeanette Walls-  She is the main character, and also the narrator. She tells about her life with her family and everything that happened to them.

Rex Walls- The father of the family, he was a major drunk. And he tried to look for gold and invent a machine.

Rose Mary Walls- The mother of the Walls family. She was a artist and a teacher. She was a selfish women, who cared for herself.


Blythe- The family lives in a apartment, Jeanette goes to school and gets made fun of. Also she got jumped on her way back from school, and the kids play around in the dirt.

Battle Mountain- The family lives in a former depot station, there are no furniture and the kids sleep in boxes. Rex gets a mining job there as well.

Phoniex-  The family lives in Jeanettes grandmothers house after she passes away, they have money from her death and the mom becomes a teacher. the children live in rooms too.

Welch- They go in November and go see Rexs family. The kids meet there grandparents and there grandma named Erma. Erma tries to molest Brian when the parents are gone. That leads to a fight with her and lori, they leave the house and buy oneof there own  

New York City- When Lori moves here the kids move out and follow her. The parents eventually go there too to be closer to there children.


"Things usually work out in the end and if they dont that just means you havent come to the end yet."- Jeanette- This is important because it reflects one of the many themes in this book. About never giving up and to  keep pushing.

"If you dont want to sink, you better figure out how to swim." Jeanette- this is importent because it means no matter how hard life gets you have to just adjust to it and learn how to not get discouraged by it.

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