John f. Kennedy

biography project for Mrs. hemry's 8th grade language arts class by Dominic H

JFK in offfice

               major event in is life

John f. Kennedy was born Brookline  Massachusetts may 1917 and died 1963 November 22.

Major events that affect/were in  John's life

1 world war 1

2 world war 2

3 1960 american election

4 bay of pigs

5 cold war

John's childhood

John had a easy going child hood. his father was a self made millionaire and had many family members. sadly John's older brother Joe die in world war 2 and his brother was supposed to become the first catholic president for there dad Joseph . So John got past on the duty to become the first catholic president.,  

people who influence john

Joseph Kennedy(John's dad) really pushed Johns political career

Joe Kennedy (brother) gave John the chance to become the president  after dying

Jacqueline Kennedy (wife) help him though tough event in John life

unique Facts

fought in World war 2

he had Addison disease

he was the youngest man elected to office  


Became the president of the U.S

won his election with only 119,450 more votes

got a man to the moon and back

Was in the house and senate for 14 years  

made the nuclear ban test treaty

stop a war with the soviet union

John life theme

John always tryed to what was best for everyone. I think that we should do what help everyone and not our self  

words of advice

"we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do other thing not because it easy but because it hard".

"One man can make an a difference and every man should try"

"all free men wherever they live are citizen of Berlin, and therefore  as a free man i take pride in the words icn bin ein

I'm taught when i read these quote  that i should try to over do over do as much as i can to do better in life .

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Too many grammatical errors for an 8th grade student. These errors are distracting to the reader who is trying to take in the information you are providing. 😳