Station 4
Teacher's Lounge
Modeling the Pillars

What do you make when you model the pillars?

Reflective Questions:

1) Where in the school day can we model and facilitate the learning of the six pillars more?

2) Do all of the activities in your class model the 6 pillars?

-Are situations that happen during the school day used as a model of how to incorporate the six pillars (lessons presented, class meetings, daily five, reading groups, peer interactions, etc.)?

-What motivation do students have for using the six pillars in your classroom?

-Are the six pillars used in your daily vernacular in class?

3) Do all of the activities on the playground model the 6 pillars?

-Which activities do you feel do not model the pillars?  

-How can we change those activities to make them model the 6 pillars better?  

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