Great Depression

The Great Depression happened in 1929-1939.It was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn in the history of the western industrialized world.The great depression affected both poor and rich Americans.The great depression all started in the United States.It was a server worldwide economic depression in the 1930s.

College in 1930

Survey of Oregon higher education conducted by the United States Office of Education.
Enrollment: 3,347.

Reduced finding to the college resulted in:
College staff reduced by 66 positions
Each staff member donated one day's income each month for five months for unemployment relief
Staff salary cut initiated by staff members

School of Engineering and School of Home Economics celebrated their 50th anniversaries

The major difference of the past and now is the tuition cost.Before the tuition was $3,347 and now its $46,902

The mascot of Oregon University is the Ducks.

The prices of gas in the 1930s was 10 cents for a gallon.

Stan's Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Stroheim,

I'm very sorry for sweeping dirt on your boots.I cant lose my job sir, my family needs me the most right now.They depend on me to put food on the table My father also got fired and am the only one with a job.I just cant lose my job sir.

Ill do anything to keep my job, ill stay for extra hours and ill even shine your boots for free sir.I just cant see my family starve because of me. Please sir just let me keep my job, it wont happen again.I'm truly sorry sir.

I just felt like it was unfair but i cant lose my job because of that mistake.

Sincerely, Stanly Jerome

Broadway Show

* Hearts are Trumps

Opening date was February 21, 1900. The total performances of the play was 93.The theater it would occur at was in the Garden Theater in New York. The tickets were priced 15 cents.

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