My mantra for the 2014-15 school year...

I want to share something I learned about while I was at the ISTE conference this summer. I listened to a great presentation about #youmatter by @angelamaiers.  I hope this page inspires you to share this message with your students, parents, community, stakeholders, and leadership....

Angela Maier's message from the presentation is:
"When we individually and collectively inspire others to remember who they really are, to educate them about the many ways that they matter, and empower them to make their greatest contributions to the world- we change their lives and the change the world.

Imagine what the world would be if….

Each of You sincerely believed YOU MATTER.
Parents told their children YOU MATTER.
Grandparents passed onto their grandchildren the spirit of YOU MATTER.
Children shared with family, friends and teachers YOU MATTER.
School Leaders and Teachers: communicated to staff and students YOU MATTER.
Businesses and Industry partner with us letting their customers and employees know YOU MATTER.
Someone we may not know…just simply needs to be reminded of and hear YOU MATTER.

Are you ready to change the world with me?" - - by Angela Maiers

You are a genius...

and the world needs

your contribution.


More Resources:

By the way... to my CCSD folks...

I want you to know that YOU MATTER!!!

Do you know that CCSD, your school, your students, your community are BLESSED to have you part of their lives. #youmatter

Have a wonderful 2014-15 school year! I look forward to working and learning with you!               :-) Cristin

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