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Quilling Supplies –Tools You Will Need to Get Started With the Art

Paper quilling is one of those arts that have quickly caught on the fancy of new age artisans. The kind of creations that are now being made with the help of this brilliant craft is simple astounding. If you too are thinking about trying your hands at paper quilling, the first thing you will be looking at will be tools. There are some pretty specific tools that you will have to make use of in order to create your very first paper quilling masterpiece. Here is a list of the basic quilling supplies that you will need to get the job done.

Needle tool and slotted quilling tool

These two are the most basic tools that you will need to create any sort of designs and styles with quilling. These two tools are what you will need to coil paper and create different quilling patterns. In the initial stages of your tryst with this art, you will find that these two tools are just about all you will need to get the job done.

Craft glue

This glue will be the stuff that will hold your coils together. Plus you will be using the craft glue to stick the coils to your canvas, in case you are planning to create a framed masterpiece. Certain patterns and designs are pretty much impossible to create without craft glue. This tool combined with the needle and slotted tool are the most basic quilling supplies that anyone would need in the most minimalist of kits.


This tool will come in handy while cutting off paper strips and finishing off your coils. In fact, if you are planning on making your own paper strips, you will definitely need the help of a pair of scissors.

Circle Template Board

In most cases, the shape you will be creating by quilling paper will be a circle. There will be times when you will need to create many coils of the same size and that is when this template board will come in handy. It will help you in creating perfectly proportional circles while coiling paper and make sure you maintain the size you are looking for.


When the designs are more intricate, you will need to carefully handle the coils and create the pattern you were aiming for. Tweezers are an essential quilling supply in these times. Make sure you have one handy and you will never end up damaging your coils again.

Fringing tools

This is an important tool if you are planning to create beautiful flowers in your paper quilling project. Fringing tools allow you to create cuts on your coil, letting you create different types of flowers with the art.

These are the most basic quilling supplies that you will need to execute a project. In case you are wondering about the best place to buy these, the internet will prove to be your best friend. QuilledCreations.com is the one website on which you can completely depend for the highest quality quilling supplies.

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