The Crusaders(European Perspective)

Jose Peinado Mr. Burruel 3/24/14

Europe Map

1.     The crusades also aided the beginning of the Renaissance in Italy, as various Italian city-states from the very beginning had important and profitable trading colonies in the crusader states, both in the Holy Land and later in captured Byzantine territory.

2.     To liberate the Holy Land,and in particular the holy Christian places in Jerusalem from Muslim occupation and control.

2.     The Pope promised absolution for all previous sins to anyone who went on Crusade,and that anyone who died on Crusade would automatically go to Heaven.These were powerful incentives in a society and era where everyone had a very real belief in eternal Hellfire after death for unrepentant and unconfessed sinners.

3.     The crusades affected Europe in many ways which included increasing the wealth of the church and the power of Papacy. The crusades also created a constant demand for supplies, encouraged ship-building and an extended market in Europe.

4.     Times much of the continent was united under a Papacy, but by the 14th century the old concept of Christendom was break into pieces, and the development of centralized bureaucracies, the foundation of the modern nation state was well on its way, in France, England, Burgundy, Portugal, Castile and Aragon partly because of the dominance of the church at the beginning of the crusading era.

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