CNC Manufacturing
Nick Fox

Session 1

In this session we learned about the industrial era. we also were tought how to use the Zmill. Once we learned how to operate we got ready to use the Zmill for the rext day.

Session 2

In this session we learned more instructions and reviewed them. After, we used the Zmill and made a square. we then cleaned up and put the plastic material in the folder.

session 3

in this session we used the Zmill to make a line and a circle on our plate from last session. We learned how to cut diagonally and also some safety tips. later on we learned a bit more about CNC.

Session 4

We learned about some of the extra applications for the Zmill. We also learned about the artisan coordinate system. this system is used still to this day.

Session 5

In this session we milled the name template and but our names on the plate. We used the Zmill and made our names on the plate and used safety first. we then closed out of the program.

Session 6

In this session we prepared to make the graphic of our choice. We chose a pre-made graphic and got ready to make it. Me and my partner both made a graphic.

Session 7

In this session we complete the challenge using the zmill. we did this using the computer instead of the manual feature. after we completed this we shut  down the application for design.


a great job to go along with this is a manufacturer. His job is to oversee the programming of the machinery in his work environment.