4/1/15 #sjsreports: German wings flight crashes into the french alps because of co-pilot

by: Morgan

On 3/27/15 Germanwings flight A320 crashed into the French alps. The accident was supposedly the co pilot, Andereas Lubitz, fault. Details say that the day the flight crashed, he was suppose to stop working because of a note that his Doctor gave him. Right before the plane took off, Lubitz locked the pilot out of the plane and took off. His ex-Girlfriend, Kathrin Goldbach, says that he always had an obsession with flying and wanted to be the actual pilot someday. Lubitz is supposedly diagnosed with depression and PTSD. There are new suggestions for having two people in the cockpit just in case something like this happens ever again. I think that this event will effect the way how flight company's do backround checks. I also think that doctors will check in with piliot and co-pilots bosses so they know that the pilot or co-pilot isn't suppose to work that day.




My interview with my Uncle about what he thinks about what happend: