Salmonella is a bacterium that occurs mainly in the intestine, especially a serotype causing food poisoning. Food poisoning caused by infection with salmonella bacterium

This is showing the symptoms and the treatment you show have with salmonella.  It also shows how salmonella progresses so you can know.  

This show a timeline of what happens and how long it can take.  It also show the steps you may go through.

This is showing all the different kinds of food you can get salmonella from. You can also see the percentages of how often you can get it from that certain type.  

These are all the symptoms of salmonella. If you are experiencing these then go to the doctor.  

Cross contamination is a major reason people fall ill to salmonella.  This video shows you how to stop that.  

These are basic tips that can help prevent salmonella.  

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