Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive essay

Should civilians be allowed to travel into space? This is a question that has puzzled NASA. To travel into space you must go through extensive training. If a civilian was to go into space, he or she might take up the chance a scientist or other professional could make better use of. In addition, few people have the knowledge to really understand how complex space travel really is. These major concerns are why civilians should not travel into space.

For people to travel into space they must go through months of training. During a person's training they must become physically fit and they need to be aware and knowledgeable of how to travel in space. All the intense training can be very overwhelming to a civilian. In training a civilian must also remember a lot of information about their space craft, other equipment, food, oxygen tanks, and so on.

If a civilian was to travel into space, that person might take away an opportunity a scientist may have for research. A scientist would be able to study space and bring that research back to earth. Where as a civilian might only go into space for the thrill of it. This  would be a waste of the scientific purpose of space travel. The civilian would possibly take away a scientist's time in space who has been studying and waiting for a long time.

Yes, a civilians chance to travel into space could be once in a lifetime, but he or she wouldn't understand what space travel is really for. Since a civilian is not an expert in space travel an emergency can occur that would create a problem. Space traveling could lead to hazardous problems that experts should handle. Inexperienced people like civilians would not consider the risks a professional must take to travel in space. Overall, space travel is a complicated experience meant for professional people.

In conclusion civilians should not be permitted to travel in space. Space travel is a long, hard experience that takes a lot of patience and effort. From professionals going into space we will be able to learn more about the world that's beyond earth.

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