By Max

Day 1

When my family got there it was lunch time so we had Fish and Chips.

The Fish was Delisious!!!

Then we went to the beach!!! When we got there we went Boogie Boarding!!!


Day 2

Then we went for a walk in Maits rest Rainforest!!!

We found a Baby Frog and the rare Black Snail!!!

  • Next was lunch which was Chips and Chicken nuggets for me! Yummy

Then we went fishing. What we needed was

  • A bag of prawns (For Bait)
  • Three fishing rods (To fish)
  • And my Dads Tackle Box

Step 1 is readying the bait,

1st we ripped the head of the prawn then the tail and then we peeled the shell off

Step 2 is throwing the line out into the water.

Step 3 wait for the right moment

And on that moment Strike the rod and reel in.

And I did it perfectly and caught a fish. The fish was a Trout.

Final day

Well this was our final day so that night we went out for dinner.

Our Dinner was at the Apollo Bay Hotel. I had Fish and Chips.

That was really nice.

Yum yum yum.

The end

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