Teens and Present-Day Attitudes

By: Destiny Meador

Today, there are teens all over the world making their own attitudes and thoughts towards things which eventually acclimates to their behavior. Some of the attitudes are: condescending attitudes, sarcastic attitudes, confident attitudes, faithful attitudes, and serious attitudes. Condescending attitudes are usually characterized by teens that consider their parents' or teachers' intelligence is below their own and they show those thoughts in their behavior, usually in a negative way. Sarcastic attitudes can be put on to many people including teachers, friends, and parents where is some situations, it can be funny but can also have negative connotations to it. Confident attitudes are usually good as long as they have a reasonable base, these people usually feel good about themselves with knowledge of what they want in life and how to get it. However, a confident attitude without knowledge to back it up indicates arrogance. Faithful attitudes can be good or bad, it depends on the person you're depending on. If you put your faith into a bad person then you're probably going to start becoming a bad person. If you put your faith into a good person, then you'll probably starting being a good person.

What I'm advocating in this article, is my opinion on the best type of attitude. I think that it is a "back-up able" confident personality. I think this because a confident person that has reason to back up their confidence is usually happy and happy people are nice to be around. Plus, confident people are more likely to be decisive. If you need to make a decision fast and accurately, a competent, confident person would be the best option to go to. Finally, confident people that have their confidence backed,are automatically more likely to be smart. You can't be confident on something if you don't know what you're talking about. If you are, that would make you arrogant. I hope I've made people think about this, bye!

This would most likely be an attitude of condescendence.

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