What I Learned in Help Desk

We learn a lots of things in Help Desk. We learned iMovie, Garage Band, New OS Yosemite system, how we can type faster and Google

In iMovie we create a copy of Zeitgeist for our life. We put a one event in our life and one event with the world. We put pictures of that event. Now I can use the iMovie very easily.

In Garage Band we record our voices for what I will do in 15 years later and it was the basics of Garage Band.

Mr.Akelman gave us a Yosemite Mac so we can discover and learn the new thing in this operation system. Everybody has to make 10 shortcuts in Yosemite and new things about one Mac app. I did the Preview.

Mr.Akelman gave us a project about how we can type faster an dee have to complete the topics he choose. After this we can write faster.

Best thing was the learn about Google Sites, Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drive. Google is amazing you can do everything with it. If you are making project you can just share with your other friends to make together. You can use Google Sites as a build a basic website about your project. You can use Google Sheets as create a poll and share with other people

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