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Method to making Crystals

Session One -

Place 25mg of potash alum in a
beaker and add 17oml of hot water. Stir the mixture until the crystals have
dissolved. Filter the warm solution through a filter funnel (in which filter
paper has been inserted) into another clean beaker. Cover the beaker of solution
with the watch glass or fresh filter paper and set aside in a cool sheltered
place and allow it to stand undisturbed overnight. The first beaker and funnel
can be washed and dried and the residue and the filter paper used for filtration
should be discarded.
Session Two -

Observe the beaker of solution.
The bottom should be covered with a layer of small crystals. If nothing has
happened, the solution can be 'seeded' by adding a crystal from the original
alum. Alternatively, crystal growth may also induced by scrathcing the bottom of
the beaker with a stirring rod. If crystals have started forming, start session
Session Three -

Carefully decant the clear
solution above the crystals into a clean beaker and set it aside for later,
leaving the crystals behind in the other beaker. Let it stand overnight again
and observe the formation of the crystals.

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