California Polytechnic University of San Luis Obispo

Cal Poly's complete campus size is 9,678 acres making it the second biggest University in California.


Cal Poly was originally founded as a vacational high school when a journalist by the name of Myron Angel gathered people in 1894 to ask for a state school in San Luis Obispo, yet classes were not yet held until 1903. Cal Poly went through a few different names until becoming its current right now, but ever since it became a college it has given a total of 105,078 Bachelors degrees and 9,468 Masters degrees.

Misty the Mustang

Fight Song

"Ride High, You Mustangs"

Ride High, You Mustangs,
Kick the frost out, burn the breeze.
Ride High, You Mustangs,
Those Bow-wows we'll knock to their knees
Hi, Ki, Yi!
Ride High, You Mustangs,
Chin the moon and do it right.
Ride High, and cut a rusty,
Fight! Fight! Fight!


Requirments to get in

You must have:

Must have 3.84 GPA if first time Freshmen

Must have GPA of 3.35 if you're a transfer

Average ACT score to get in: 27

Average SAT 1 Reading score to get in: 593

Average SAT 1 Math score to get in: 633



The Golden Horseshoe:

The Golden Horseshoe is an annual event where Cal Poly plays there rivals UC Davis in a friendly game of Football.

Persuasive Essay

Throughout my youth I was intrigued by space, I remember I would gaze into the sky every night and think to myself, “One day I shall explore the depths of space”. As i grew older i was still amazed by the thought of space travel and adventure, i remember i would have very detailed discussions with my teachers about space and ask them a never ending amount of questions. As i approached closer and closer to my High School years i did more research on jobs that had to do with space, since i grew afraid of being in small spaces for a long time i knew I would not become an astronaut, then I came across Aerospace Engineering. Aerospace Engineering had literally everything I ever wanted to do as a kid without putting myself at full risk.

Once upon reaching High School I started taking the necessary courses I needed such as Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Mathematics, Geometry, Math Analysis, Physics, and Trigonometry in order to advance my education and knowledge in my future career. I also participated in extracurricular activities such as Robotics club, Math club, and GEMS during the summer.

As you can see I have quite the education, determination, and intelligence to be a great Aerospace Engineer disregarding my financial problems at home, all i need is an opportunity to prove myself right and shall notice what a great idea it was to give me your money.


Aerospace Technician

Recommendation Letter

To California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo:

It Is my reservation to write a recommendation letter for Adal Gutierrez for a position as an aerospace engineer major at this University. Adal is a bright, intelligent student who has a well educated mind. He has an attitude as a role model and has a very well behavior.

One thing i know about Mr. Gutierrez is that he is very passionate about his career and will do anything to accomplish his goal in the near future. As i have observed him throughout the year i know he has the desire to get to where he wants to be in life. I believe Adal will have a bright future at CPSU due to the fact that I have seen him wanting to strive for good future through her insatiable search for knowledge in order to refine his craft and sense of well-being.

Mr. Gutierrez is willing to take challenges to be able attend the college of his dreams and accomplish his goals. Attending California Polytechnic State University would be such an amazing ambition and it’s just one step closer to pursuing his dreams. It is with no doubt that i recommend Adal to attend CPSU due to his intelligence and dedication to school. If you would like to know more about Mr. Gutierrez, you can contact me at (915)123-4567 or

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