End of year project

Persuasive Essay

Do you think that we need good people  in the world? Good means that to be desired. I think that yes we need good people in the world. Because we need to be good with each other.

We need to get along with each other because were going to need each other in life. For example, there are homeless people so we should be donating food for them. That helps them by them surviving and not dieing. This is important because helping people is a good thing.

we need nice people in the world to show people who need stuff. For example, if you be nice to a person it makes you into a good person. It shows them that your not mean but nice. This is important because if there was bad people we would all be bad people.

So people say that we don't need good people. They say that because they think that they can do anything they want. For example, people think killing is whatever. But it can hurt a person and that person family member. This is important because it will destroy our community.

The world would not last if we had bad people. We need to be good with each other. And also be respectful with one another. Good people cause us all to be friends.


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