All About Me!!!
BY:  Cole Smith


Hell0 my name is Cole Smith I will tell you my favorite things.  My 1st favorite thing is I like Big Hero 6,I like the Royals.  I also enjoy soccer!!!  I  like pizza I also like the color blue.  My favorite animal is a cheetah,I have a step brother and sister.  My favorite D/C super hero is flash!  My favorite Marvel super hero is iron man.  My favorite soccer team is sporting KC.

All About Me

Hello again!!!  I am going to tell you things that are all about me!  My eye color is blue.  My age is 7.  My birthday is in December 15th.  I like play the wee u and I play sky lander's on it.

What I've Done

I have finished a lot of my I work very,very hard in school.  I am very exited for the summer.  I have done a lot of hard work.  We have just completed a science experiment with our 5th grade buddy's!!!       



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