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A Little About Me

    Hello everyone! I am currently a sophomore and have just switched my major to elementary education! I am excited to see where this path will lead me! My goal is to not only become a teacher, but hopefully a principal one day!

    I originally started out as a business major. However, after my experiences while tutoring at TC Howe I have realized that I have a stronger passion in teaching. Which it what lead me to change my major!

    On the other hand, when I am not dealing with school I love to spend my time traveling back home from school to be with my family!  We enjoy going to ball games and hanging around bonfires in the summer! Also, while I am home I enjoy giving lots of attention to my two dogs Otis and Sade!

    I am very excited to take this course because I know little about technology! I believe this course will allow me to learn a great deal of techniques that I will be able to use in my classroom someday!

                          I hope you all enjoy the images that I have put below!                  

                                               I can't wait to meet everyone!


My Dog, Otis!
My Family!
My Dog Sade and I!
My Brothers! Tyler, Myself, and Cory!

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2 years ago

I'm a sophomore and I just switched my major also. We're in this together! haha