Colon Cancer  

about colon cancer

Colon cancer is your colon large intestine (colon), the lower part of your digestive system.


The symptoms of colon cancer bleeding, weakness, unexplained weight loss .

possible causes

When a cell dived in a orderly way to keep you body functioning normal.

caner groth

stages of colon cancer

the earliest stage (stage 0), colon cancer is limited to the inner lining of your colon. As colon cancer progresses, it can grow through your colon and extend to nearby structures. The most advanced stage of colon cancer (stage IV) indicates cancer has spread to other areas of the body, such as the liver or lungs.

the treatments for colon cancer  

1. Surgery- the cancer cells of tumor to be remove

2. radition - use a type of light you can not see with your eye and it thought the skin

3. chemothime - take medsichtion to stop to stop the cancer cell of  doing the cell  cycle  so the cancer cells make more .


survual Rate

stage  1 . 80-85 Percent

stage 2. 55 to 80 Percent

stage 3 .40 Percent

stage 4. 10 Percent

you have a higher survile rate if your cancer is in ression means that your cancer has sturnk 'stopped  growing or complely dispered .you are not cured  and you are never  the cancer is  still in you .

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