Home life during the Civil War

By:Remington Slayback

July 4,1861

My name is Remington Espinosa and I'm 22.I'm from New York and I am apart of the union.I live with my amazing husband ,Matthew Espinosa, and our four growing kids.Their names are Luca and Lucas,girl and boy,and then you have Maxwell and Sophia.My husband has been brought to the war that will reunite our two country to one again.He is stationed in Indiana and I'm so worried that he might get hurt in this battle.

Day 1

I awoke to the sun shining through the blinds.I cleaned the house and then made breakfest for my growing kids .Luca was the first to come down.I heard the pitter patter of her footsteps down the stairs being followed by three other sets.After our regular talk of the day I got all of them dressed and ready for school .By the time the sun was almost at its highest in the sky I had already sent the darlings to school and went down town to the office and checked if there was any mail from Matthew yet. Unfortunately there wasn't any mail .I've heard that the training is hard and that they are putting so much stress on them.I hope he comes back soon.I walked over to the town kitchen and entered,but not before I heard two men whispering about the war.I walked just slow enough to hear a little bit ,but just enough information they were talking about.They said that the war is going good but the confederates are fighting very hard.I hope the war ends soon .I went to the help center and made food for the soldiers to have and then made some new uniforms for them too.After that was done ,I picked up the kids and came home .I made dinner for them and got them ready for bed.I gave some time to myself and then went to bed.

day 2

Dear Matthew,                                                                                      May 16,1863

  Hello darling.I hope you get this soon. Luca and Sophia keep asking when you are going to come back and I keep saying soon. Luca and  Lucas's birthday just past about a week ago and they are now seven years old.They had the biggest smile on their faces when they heard about the battle of Chancellorsville and you guys winning it.I hope to see you soon my darling and please be safe .Write as soon as you can.



day 3

I heard a noise come from the kitchen and saw Maxwell come into the living room soaked in water.I dried him off and then went back to m came y duties at home,which were feeding the dog. We all went to the town and I talked to one of my good friends,Lila,while the children played together.Lila and I have been talking when she said that the war is going to end soon.I was estatic about the good news.IN the afternoon The kids became hungry so Lila and I ran down to a little food store that made food for everyone.We grabbed a few sandwitchs and went back to the her house.Right as my family arrived home a messenger came towards our house and asked if my name was Mrs. Espinosa.I told him yes it was and he asked if I could have a minute with him.I said yes .I tucked in the kids quickly and then packed their bags for school for tomorrow.I grabbed their bags and then sat them by the door and then went back to the messenger.He had asked if I had seen the two men he held up in the picture.The picture was my brothers,Tanner and Tyler.I said yes and that I knew them very well.The messenger then told me something I would have to do if they were to survive.I had to come with him to a close camp near by and help fix up the two ,count their amo,and then help spy out people who could be terrorists.I said okay and went back with him .I asked Lila if she could watch the kids and she gladly said yes.When we arrived I say Tanner with a broke foot and Tyler with a bloody arm.I helped fix them,counted their amo ,and then went back home.I also reported to the general that I overheard two men talking about his troops and then also how many soldiers he had.He thanked me and then I went home and took a very much needed rest.

day 4

                                                                                                                                        April 10,1865

Dear Remington and the kids,

           Hello my wonderful family.I have great news .The war has ended .We won the battle of Paltimo Ranch.I can't believe I was one of the lucky survivors.I want you all to meet a buddy of mine that i want in the army .Oh, how I can't wait to see you faces soon.I love you all to death and will be within your presence soon.Also Remington,thank you for being so faithful and I was brought out some of my deepest thoughts to where I thought I couldn't get through the war anymore by your letters and hearing what has been happening back home.My buddy's name is Carter and he has a family of his own who lives about an hour from us.We became the best of friends when we both got stopped in the woods by our general and told us to spy together on a confederate camp.We survived, but I would have died if Carter didn't take a bullet to the arm for me.He saved my life and I also hope that you all will like him.Tell the kids that I can't wait to hug the life out of them and I'm coming home.


                                                                                                                              Matthew Espinosa

     I was shocked from the news I had received.The war finally ended.My husband was coming back.The kids read the letter and started cheering and jumping off the walls.I joined and then I heard a knock on the door .I  opened it and saw my loving husband standing next to another man .Matthew hugged the kids first and then saw me.He hugged me with all of his might and then twirled me around.I kissed his cheek and then turned my attention towards Carter.I smiled and hugged him thanking him for saving my husband's life and he told me he would have done it again if he needed to.

day 5

    It was only a few days after the war ended that our great leader,Lincoln,was assassinated.Matthew and I both were shocked at what had happened.I was first astonished that someone would even attempt to kill him.I then felt three other things.I felt sad,angry,and then horrified.

      I felt sad ,because of what had happened to his wife.One second she was by her loving husband and couldn't be happier in the world to becoming a widow in an instant.I don't know how she is pulling through .She must be crushed by the thought of now not having her husband anymore.I know I would go insane if I had lost Matthew in the war.I wish her the best of luck.

       After feeling sad,a rush of anger rushed through me.How could Booth kill someone .A human being who breathes the same air as him.Also how could the guards let Booth get past him.They should have know to not let him in if he wasn't even suppose to be apart of the play.He should have came in just the same way as everyone else did and had been caught at security.

    Then a thought came to my mind.They still haven't caught Booth.He is still out there running.He could come and kill us now.That thought terrified me and even hearing he is still out there horriffies me .i hope they catch him soon.Also I wonder who else has helped him in this plan.The north didn't help him.They couldn't of done that .Could they done it.    

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