Arabian Peninsula

Abby Wagner

Ten Tips on Living in the Arabian Peninsula


1. Trade with the nomads that pass through. You want to get what you can while you can.

2. If you are looking to settle in an Oases, build your house out of wood and your roof out of leaves.

3. There is fertile land here, so take advantage. Farm dates, peaches, and grains.


1. Wear loose clothing, like shown in the picture below. This will protect you from dust, heat, and flies.

2. Be aware and know where of all the caravans that carry goods in the desert are so you can have all the resources you need.


1. Since the mountains do not have a lot of flat lands, create terraces to farm on, like shown in the picture above.

2. Store your rainwater. This can be used for drinking as well as irrigation.

3. Constructs dams and irrigation systems to hold back water and carry water to your crops.

The Coastal Plains:

1. Conserve rain water in canals and reservoirs.

2. There is regular rain in the Coastal Plains, so build an irrigation system and a dam. The rainwater will also help with growing grains, fruits, vegetables, and trees.

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