The Unbeatable Resume

The sole purpose of a resume

is to help you get the interview.  It is your one and only chance to make a good first impression, which is why it needs to stand out.  We've compiled a few tips to help make your resume unbeatable...and to help you land your dream job.

  1. Keep it simple. The average resume gets read in 10 seconds, so you'll want to keep it short and sweet (two pages max).
  2. Content. Your resume should include key words that also appear in the job description.
  3. Magic bullets. Break up long paragraphs by using bullets to describe your most marketable skills. Using an odd number of bullet points and being selective about what you highlight will create a document that speaks at a higher level.
  4. Tailor your resume to each individual employer. Everyone wants to feel special and that you put in some extra effort to get to know the company better.
  5. Quantify your accomplishments in cold hard numbers. For example, how much did you sell? How many donations did your raise? How many people did you manage?

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