Uncle Jims Worm Farm

Offering Education in Composting

About Uncle Jims Worm Farm

Uncle Jims Worm Farm of Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, sells worms in bulk, as well as worm food, vermicomposting kits, and other supplies, to people interested in gardening, composting, and bait fishing. Uncle Jims Worm Farm started in 1975 and has grown to become America’s largest worm farm. Founder and owner James (Jim) Shaw started selling worms at age 12. Shaw now focuses on providing personal service to his customers, located all over North America, and on teaching composting techniques and vermiculture through Uncle Jim’s University and other online channels.

At www.unclejimswormfarm.com, Uncle Jims Worm Farm offers secure online ordering and a wealth of resources dedicated to organic farming and vermicomposting. The site’s detailed “Get Started” section examines the types of worms available from Uncle Jims and the benefits of each type and provides a basic rundown of raising worms in indoor and outdoor environments. The website’s “Organic Farmer” section compares fertile soil to barren soil and discusses the best worms for composting and other purposes. Log on to learn more.

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