Your Headline

Characters-Bryan, Owen, Chris, David

Role play- Bryan- rich millionaire, Owen, baby sitter, Chris- Bryans son, David- Bryans s


                                                            The Pay

Owen was watch the kids one day and wasn’t paying attention and David knocked over a 500-dollar vase. Bryan walked in and found the vase every where, Bryan told Owen to come into his home office and told him he was going to cut Owens pay to 1000 dollars. Owens full pay a month was 1500. Owen was really upset and decided to trick Bryan, He bought a replica for 10 dollars. He told Bryan that he found a new one and told him that he paid 500 dollars for it, to make Bryan happy. Bryan said come in my office for a sec, they both sat down and Bryan told him that because he bought the vase Bryan put the 500-dollars back into Owens pay. Owen was happy that he got back his 500- dollars, because Owen thought he got one over on Bryan. A couple of weeks went by and 3 days before Owen got Paid He was at home and by accident at Bryans house and Chris knocked over the vase and it broke. When Bryan saw it, he saw a piece that was originally on the inside in the wall of the vase and it said that it was a replica and that is was fake and The next day when Owen came into work Bryan said that he wanted to see him in his office, Owen said ok. When Owen came in Bryan punched him in the face. One Owen cleaned his bloody nose he came back in very mad, and said why did you do that! Bryan said “you cheated me out 500-dollars”. Owen asked him what he was talking about, and Ryan told him bout the vase breaking and how he found the label saying that it was fake. Ryan asked him why would he do that after all the stuff that Ryan did for Owen. Owen said that he just didn’t want to lose the 500-dollars. Ryan said that it was unacceptable and that he was fired and that Owen wouldn’t get his pay for the month. Owen left vary frustrated, The next day Ryan had a new baby sitter, and from that day on Ryan didn’t have any problems.

Written By Brandon Milks, Core 1, 4-3-2014

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