Chapter 1 Project

A. Moore Kirkland Math III

For our projects, we had to survey a group of people and find out what type of transportation was used the most and any problems that they have with these modes of transportation. Through my survey, I found out that the majority of people use a car with a small percentage using the bus. To conduct the survey, we used what is called a convenience sample, which means we did it from a stationary/convenient place for us, which happened to be our classroom. We then had to put all of our data into different graphs to display our results. The graphs below indicate the modes of transportation used, how far they travel everyday, and their satisfaction with these modes on a scale from 1-10.

I found that the most common problems with these modes of transportation were bad traffic and inexperienced drivers. Next, we had to come up with an alternative mode of transportation. The mode that I chose is a Maglev train. These trains use Magnetic Levitation to propel the vehicle down the track. This levitation causes reduced friction generating very high speeds. Some trains have traveled up to 361 mph. Next, we had to conduct another survey to find out if people would use our idea, if they would pay the selected price ($.25 per mile with different prices for frequent users), and any changes they may have to the idea. Lastly, we put our results from those questions into 3 more graphs to display the data.

Above is a proposed map for a series of Maglev train sites in the United States. The plan calls for the project to start around 2020-2025.