Monitoring Comprehension:
Thinking about Text

Adapted from: Connecting Comprehension and Technology:  Adapt and Extend Toolkit Practices by Harvey, Goudvis, Muhtaris, and Ziemke

Learning Target:

I can investigate topics I'm curious about to learn more.

I can create a short reflection video to share my learning.

Connect and Engage:

Make connection to previous lesson - Ex. Me...Jane.  

1.  Teacher Think Aloud

"I couldn't stop thinking about Jane Goodall"

"Throughout her life, she was always curious."

Instructional Strategy: Think, Pair, Share

What does it mean to be curious?

What is one thing you are curious about?


Text Connection: Jane was curious.  She spent much of her life watching carefully, studying, and learning about chimpanzees.  I started to think, what makes me curious?

I really love to learn about mammals.  I am curious to know more about different types of mammals and how do we know which animals are mammals?

I am going to look online, on websites, to get more information about mammals.  Not all websites are good for getting the information I need and not all websites are good for kids.

When I stop to listen to my thinking about mammals, I hear questions like:

* Do all mammals have hair?

*What is the smallest/largest mammal?

*What do mammals eat?


Make a short 1 - 2 minute video in front of your students.

Model what you will say in the video and how to operate the device.

Turn and Talk with a partner.  "What did you see me do?"

Collaborate or Practice Independently

Students continue to research their topic of interest and make their reflection video at work stations.

Invite class to be tech helpers and let students know that if they run into a problem, there are friends in the class who can help.  When you are checking in with students, you are available to help too.

Share the Learning:

Today we researched what we are curious about and used digital resources to learn new information.  

Think, Pair, Share - What was something you learned?

Curious people:




*think learn more!

Reflect and Assess:

Watch the reflection videos for a window into the student's thinking.

What to look for?

*Who needs additional help in thinking, who needs to move beyond retelling info to talking about how it makes us think?

*Who is comfortable using technology and could serve as a student leader in class?