The Beach Boys

Caitlin Hartman




In what ways did the Beach Boys influence/change teenagers in the 1960's?

The beach Boys got into the Rock and Roll hall of Fame, along with winning a Grammy the same year of 1988.

                           Facts On Flie

1.Their first name was the Cadets, then Carl and the Passions, Pendletons, and finally the Beach Boys.

2.Illegal drug use and achoholism led Brian Wilsons exit from the group.

3.They got their hit song "surfin" from their brother Dennis while he was actually surfing.

                        World Book Online

1.Most of their music celebrates the lifestyle associated with teens, hot-rods, and surfing.

2.their hits include:Surfin, Surfin U.S.A., I Get Around, Fun Fun Fun, and Help Me Rhonda.

3.Brian played piano, bass, and was their personal songwriter.Dennis and Love played drums.Carl played the guitar.

                           The Beach Boys

1.The Beach Boys was the first American pop group to get to a 50 year milestone.

2.They signed with Capitol Records in July 1962.

3.From the roots of Hawthorne California, The Beach Boys became a sensation.


1.Their voices are inmistakeable

2.The main line up was Brian,Carl,and Dennis Wilson

3.Among all of the groups of the sixties,the Beach boys made 2nd place on the top 40 chart behind the Beatles.

The Beach Boys were and still are an inspiration to teenagers in many ways.They brought happiness to people when there wasn't any at all.The Beach Boys