New Zealand at it's Finest
A Resort For the Young and Adventurous

Uni-Verse; Christchurch, Lyttelton New Zealand

Attraction Listings


-Lyttelton Port and Harbour (Beautiful view of the harbours surrounding mountains)

-Ohinetahi Garden (Vast green garden filled with gazebos, various plant life, and pool house)

-Arthur's Pass National Park (Great for its hiking trails, wildlife, and outdoor scenery)


-Lyttelton Farmers Market (Enjoy fresh fruit/veggies during your stay, from the social market)

-Lyttelton Museum

-Lyttelton Theater


-Quail Island Ferry Ride (ride the ferry over to quail island for just $25 and personally view the walking trails and historical sunken ships)

-KBC Tours (View the expansive coastal and mountain scenery with a sneak peek at the earthquake affected city)

-Banks Peninsula Harbour Cruise (9.5 hour cruise that takes you through the area of Lyttelton and Akaroa, stopping at the town’s cheese factory)


-Volo Jet ski Adventures (have an exhilarating jet ski ride, perfect for those seeking adventure)

-Canoeing and Kayaking (explore the beautiful rivers or flowing rapids on your choice of route)

-Diving and Snorkeling (see what is beneath the water’s surface during an underwater tour of the plant and fish life)

-Gliding/Paragliding (Enjoy these two airborne activities while flying the skyline with personal instructor)

-Horse Riding Treks

-Paintball and Laser Games (Take time to participate in these two skillful, tactical, hands on games)

Dining and Cuisine:

-Papa’s Pizza

-Honey Pot Pizza Bar

-Denny’s Family Restaurant

-Burger Wisconsin (Family)

-Distinctive Dining (Fancy)

-Paradise Estates (Fancy)

-Yummy Chinese Cuisine

-Lin Chinese restaurant and bar

-Dragon Garden Chinese Restaurant

Travel Advisory:

There is no nationwide advisory, please exercise normal security precautions.

Crime: Street crime takes place in major cities. Theft occurs from hotel rooms, tourist sites, recreational areas and unattended vehicles. Ensure that your personal belongings, passports and other travel documents are secure at all times.

Transportation: Weather conditions can change quickly, particularly during winter. Snow, ice, fog, rain and strong winds can lead to dangerous driving conditions. Landslides caused by heavy rain can block or wash away roads. Mountain roads, including those leading to ski hills, may be narrow, unpaved and without safety barriers.

General Safety Info: Check with local tourist authorities before traveling to remote locations, Cellular coverage may be limited in certain remote areas.

How to Stay Safe while traveling

Stay safe while driving

Protect yourself while on vacation

Uni-Verse, Christchurch New Zealand is a wonderful resort, perfect for the young and adventurous!

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