Unit 12 Overview
Visual Thinking: Part 1

The History of Still Photography

Photo by Mary Ellen Mark

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This unit pulls our entire class into an active learning experience. You will "claim" one photographer this week, research his/her work, and contribute two slides to a collaborative VoiceThread activity titled "Visual Thinking." One slide will be a research-based overview of the photographer's work that will respond to a research question and the second slide will be a discussion prompt you will write about one image made by the photographer. Next week, the resulting presentation you and your peers create will be shared and you all will engage in each others' contributions to learn about other 20th century photographers and respond to each others' discussion prompts.

Learning Objectives

  1. Critically examine the contributions and work of one mid-20th century photographer.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the contributions one 20th century photographer.
  3. Initiate a class-wide, critical analysis of one photographic image by a 20th century photographer by writing and sharing a reflective discussion prompt.
  4. Effectively use Google Books to conduct and cite online research.
  5. Make progress towards completing Step 2 of your photographer showcase.

What's Next?

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