Unit 13 Overview:
Visual Thinking (pt 2) & Photographer Showcase (step 2)

The History of Still Photography
Michelle Pacansky-Brock
Mt. San Jacinto College

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This unit is a continuation of Learning Unit 12, in which you and your peers contributed content to the Visual Thinking VoiceThread. This VoiceThread activity is designed to be student-centered, allowing you to select which photographers from the mid-20th century you would like to learn about. This week, you will critically engage with the content contributed by your peers and facilitate a conversation that you started last week on this slide you shared with a discussion prompt.  

Learning Objectives

  1. Critically analyze two photographs by mid-20th century photographers by responding to two of your peers' discussion prompts in the Visual Thinking VoiceThread.
  2. Compare and contrast the work of two mid 20th century photographers in a blog post.
  3. Submit a summary of the interview you conducted for your Photographer Showcase (Step 2).

What's Next?

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