Unit 4: 1914-1945

The Red Wheelbarrow
William Carlos Williams

Jordan Evans
1st Period
Mrs. Burwell

Political Events and Social Events

Political Events of 1923

Mexico and United States reach accord over oil concession of 1917 August 15th

12th Century Aztec Indian ruins in New Mexico are proclaimed as a National Monument by President Warren G. Harding January 23rd

President Warren G. Harding dies in office after falling ill August 9th

Social Events of 1923

Ku Klux Kaln surprise attack on black residential a Rosewood Florida, 8 killed January 2nd

1st Black pro Basketball team, "Renaissance," organizes February 13

1st brain tumor operation under local anesthetic performed (Beth Israel Hospital in NYC) by Dr. K. Winfield Ney April 7th

Time magazine is published for the first time March 2nd (Joseph G. Cannon)

Warner Brothers PIctures is incorporated April 4th

The first sound on film motion picture Phonofilm is shown in the Rivoli Theatre in New York city by Lee de Forest.


Born September 17th 1883, Died March 4th 1963. William Carlos Williams is a Latino-American born and died in Rutherford, New Jersey. William was a full time Pediatrician and part time writer in his younger days. William started writing when he was in high school and didn't stop until his death took him. William worked as a Pediatrician until 1948 when he had a heart and then in 1949 had a series of strokes. William found his interest in languages and books in high school, where he also wrote some of his first poem. William used college not only as a tool to get his PHD but also as a creative tool for his writings. As an adult he used his patients as tools for creative writing.

Graphic Organizer

Lyric Poem because it is a free verse. The point of view is non-existing. There is no sound. What this poem is describing is a wet red wheelbarrow and white chickens that are next to it. William makes this poem so short and vague is because he wants the reader to think about what and where this might be taking place. What we can assume that this takes place on a farm probably just after it rained and that the farmer is letting the chickens out for the day.

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