What's the next verb on the Internet?

A special tackking by Unmiserable Cleveland

Sure, you tweet, you blog, you pin, instagram and google. But do you Tackk?

Do I what? Tackk.com is the latest break in web publishing — it fills the void between 140-character tweets and building a whole bleeping website to post a quick note to the webs. Think of it like tacking a good-looking flyer in a coffee shop. That easy.

It’s friction-free, free-free and pretty. Plus, it was born in Cleveland.

Go ahead, Tackk something!

Why am I so geeked on Tackk? Well, it has potential to become the first globally successful consumer Internet company to rise out of Cleveland, ever. Fact: having the next Twitter, Blogger or Facebook grow from this city is something to Tackk about.

It all started when local designers (and co-founders) Eric Bockmuller and Dan Klammer recognized a regular demand for a super-simple, friction-free, good-looking way to post anyone’s somethings to the web. We’re talking no software, no logins, no skills required.

Ask your favorite designer/developer how many requests come from friends and family for that kind of web help — every day! There’s a handful of publishing options from tweets to statuses to blogs, but there’s been this gaping middle market prime for the taking. Enter Cleveland-based, global-reaching Tackk.

At any given moment, you’re seconds away from posting your bike for sale or apartment for rent, promoting your band, announcing your engagement or your baby, sharing holiday menus, recipes, workouts or that upcoming kickball tournament.

Not to mention the best brunch you’ve ever had (!).

But it's more than just well-designed, one-off posts. Tackk is as much about posting content as it is viewing it. Tackkboard? A user-friendly, visually enhanced bulletin board that's more than things for sale, rent or hire.

Smart uses of tagging could custom-craft communities around particular topics — like local music, classroom lessons, recipe swaps, vacation tips, neighborhood histories or how to make an awesome Tackk... or what's up in your unmiserable Cleveland right now.

Unmiserable Tackk Tuesday
Have something unmiserable to share — an event, good news, local-music playlist, pics your #shopCLE bounty, tips for a Cleveland vacation or some other scoop? Tackk it, sugar!

Add your content to your own tackk, tag it "UnmiserableCLE." Beat the FB clutter, cut the Twitter chatter. The UC Tackkboard will be open for biz 24/7 (and be able to promo all the good stuff I can't catch).

Every Tuesday, I'll spotlight my top-10 favorite UC tackks. Happy Tackking!

This is a super-special tackking by Unmiserable Cleveland.

Tackk it up!