Animal Shelter/Animal Vet/ Zoo Keeper/ Wildlife Worker

BY: Joselyn M. Bell

    Classes that would be helpful for these jobs are math, science, zoology, biology.  A beginning salary all of these at once would be about $200,000 a year.  This is in the agriculture section.I love animals so I would like to do these jobs.It is going to be a challenge to try to do these jobs all at once, but I am up for it.  It will require many years in collage.  Animals  are my life I have always had at lease one pet though out my life.  I am now 10 and I have had about 68 pets my whole life that is including the farm cats so don't worry.  I have always been the one taming the farm cats so I have a lot of experience with untamed animals.  I have a cat, dog, and fish right now.  I had a pet chameleon, but she passed.  When a animal passes it is a little harsh on me, because I can really connect to them.  That has to be the hard part about this job and seeing my animals be bought, but if they where animal shelter pets I am ok.  I like these jobs because they have a big part of my life in them, animals.  The cat I own was a farm cat who would bite, scratch, hiss, and be very mean, but guess what I went out there every day to work with that cat and now she is a 1 year  old loving cat who tries to follow me where ever I go!  I love to help animals and work with them so I think this is the perfect job for me.

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