Therapy Dogs Help Cancer Patients Cope With Tough Treatments

Patients who have treatments for cancer can get very emotional during this process to curing their cancer. There are trained and certified therapy dogs who can help patients situations a little bit more exciting. These dogs are available to people who need them anywhere this patient is. These dogs give these patients someone to have and receive love from without any judgement or pressure. These fun visits make the patients forget about all there problems and give them a chance to do something enjoyable. Having these dogs can take away some stress and patients have said how much they love having the dog with them and that there is no better feeling than having comfort from this dog. Many patients agree to have the therapy dog come visit them and gives the patient something to look forward to.

Sometimes the treatment is worse than the actual cancer. These kinds of treatments make people very weak and sometimes doesn't help and don't always make things better which can be a lot for anyone. My grandmother had to take chemo and radiation to help out with her cancer but after every treatment she grew weaker and weaker. Whenever she would come over my house to see us she would always have a smile on her face when she saw my dogs. Whenever she would cry my dogs would try to lick away her tears and they made her forget my she began to cry. Dogs are more than a pet but can be a friend to anyone who needs it and that fact that these therapy dogs are trained makes the situation even better.

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