Unstuck: Turning In Work That’s Stuck in the iPad

Jim Holland (@talljim) & Gaby Krumm (@Gaby5GK)

Session Description: iPads allow students to create things like collages, puppet shows, drawings, animations, videos, and much more. Without 1:1, getting that work to the teacher can be tricky. In this session we'll explore various options for students to electronically "turn in" their created works using various platforms, web-based solutions, and third-party apps!

What can be Created and Shared?

Sharing without Turning In

Photo by Wesley Fryer, CC

Just like not all papers have to be formally graded, not all work must necessarily be "turned in."

Platforms for Sharing/Publishing

Photo by Rodw, CC
  • Google Apps/Drive
    • Some apps save directly to Drive
      30 Hands, Explain Everything, Shadow Puppets EDU,
    • For apps that don’t save directly, first save to camera roll, then start the Drive app to upload it
    • Students must be sure to log off!
  • Edmodo
  • Kidblog
  • TodaysMeet (if created work has a URL): Screenchomp, Haiku Deck, Shadow puppets EDU, etc.
  • DropItToMe (uses Teacher’s Dropbox)- renames the files and overwrites
    • http://dropitto.me/- This will work for receiving one file at a time. But if multiple students turn in work, they will overwrite each other's work since the images will be named image.jpg or some other generic convention when they come from the Camera Roll.
    • http://dbinbox.com/ (won’t overwrite, but can’t password protect)
  • LMS such as Canvas
  • Showbie

Helper Apps

Photo by Doug Ellis, CC
  • WiFi Photo Transfer- Browse an iPad's photos/videos using a computer's browser
  • Transfer ($) Send/Receive photos/videos from one device to another

Comment Stream

3 years ago

Try the app Seesaw, it creates a class journal that students can easily join to turn in photos, videos, drawings with audio recording etc.

3 years ago

Thanks, Tim. They just released Seesaw and we haven't had time to learn the ins and outs of it. But knowing that it does this, it's certainly worth looking into! Thanks!

3 years ago

You should check out eBackpack - powerful workflow, editable annotations, assessments, website integration, and a whole bunch more. Free options and paid options.