Guatemala's Nature

Charlie and Rosie

In Guatemala, there are a lot of rainforests. In the forest, it's really humid, so naturally, there is a lot of mist. The mist provides water for the plants.

On the forest floor,there are a lot of plants and fungi, such as bromelids, ferns, orchids, and mosses.

The northeastern part of the lowland Peten region is home to a lot of animals such as jaguars, tapirs, monkeys, mule deer, and ocelots.

The Queztal bird is endangered because the people are destroying rainforests where they live.

The Queztal bird lives in high misty mountains in Guatemala. Both female and male are very colorful but the male has the cool tail. It is so colorful and it is three feet (one meter) long. They both have bright colors on their tails like green, white, and red.

The ancient Mayan people thought that the Queztal bird was the form of the god Queztalcaotl.