Profile of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez was a dictator that took the power away from the wealthy people in Venezuela and used it to help the poor, giving them a better life. He was raised in poverty, taught by poor teachers, with only a military education. He was part of a failed coup in 1992. Hugo Chavez was gifted as a charismatic speaker. He was elected President of Venezuela on Feb. 2, 1999 by 56 percent of the vote. Hugo Chavez was extremely power hungry, he had his own radio and TV shows and limited independent press. He passed decrees, so his opponents were barred from running against him in elections. He appointing his own judges. Hugo saw there was a problem with disproportionate wealth, his mission was to improve lives of the under privlaged and eradicate poverty. He wanted to improve health care, social security, food and living conditions amongest the poorest in society.  Hugo used money from the rich to help his cause. He was the first leader to place the poor, top priority, and was looked a pond as a champion to the poor.  He was the leader of  two separate groups, the poor and anti business. As time went on Hugo abused his power and had many political rivals, was opposed by the wealthily and the media. People saw Hugo Chavez as a ruthless dictator. His social programs drove up inflation and cut down production of  the world's largest oil reserves. Hugo Chavez life was taken by cancer at age 58, he died as the enemy of many.



Creative Piece

A Poem: Open Hands

My heart cries for the poor

for the homeless

for the hungry.

My eyes see the greedy

the wealthy

the healthy that look the other way.

There is only one way,

We All need to pay.

Fists should not be clenched

fingers should not be prided.

The poor should no longer be paralyzed,

in inhuman conditions of the wise.

But we should open our hands,

and reach out to the other side

holding back our pride.

Everyone's needs must be satisfied

Hugo Chavez has the answer

He is the leader, on your side.

Essential Question

It seems like Hugo Chavez went out of his way to attack and insult politicians, calling President George W. Bush the devil. The media ridiculed him. Why did he push so hard to balance the scales, Why was equalizing the social structure, his mission ?