Bipolar Disorder- Madeline Bartos

  • What is the characterization or definition of your mental illness?
  • Bipolar disorder is random extreme mood swings it can cause risky behavior and suicidal thoughts and actions.
  • How many people are affected by your mental illness?
  • Approximately 5.5 million Americans age 18 or over have bipolar disorder.
  • How can someone tell if they have your mental illness?
  • If you have dramatic mood swings, excessive happiness or excessive sadness.
  • What treatments exist to treat your mental illness?
  • Medications and therapy to help you control the bipolar exist
  • How can people get help for the treatment of your mental illness?
  • Go to a psychiatrist and tell them all of your problems.
  • What resources are available to help gain knowledge about your mental illness?
  • There are medical books and you may talk to your doctor to learn more about bipolar.
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