Iraq Water Profile


Water availability and use

Graph how much water your country has access to and how much it uses. Describe in words what your graph shows{total renewable and total water withdrawal}. Iraq has a lot more renewable water than withdrawl. That's good.

Graph how much of  that water comes from inside and outside your country. Describe in words what your graph shows.{internal and external}. This graph shows that Iraq has slightly more external water than internal warer.

What conclusions can u draw from the graphs in part 2? Iraq is withdrawing more water than needed, which means they have to get water from other countries.

Water needs

What conclusions can you make from the graphs made in part 3? Iraq almost uses all their water for agricultural reasons.

Graph the current{2014} population of your country no the other 2. Describe in words what your graph shows.  The graph shows the population of all three countries. Turkey has the highest population out of all three, then there's Iraq then Syria.

Graph how these populations are changing over time. Describe in words what your graph shows. This graph shows the population changing over time. The population raised each year, it didn't drop or stay the same.

How will the changes in your countries population affect the needs of water? Since there is more people there will be less water. As the population raises then the water will lower.

How will the changes in the regions population affect the water needs for the region as a whole as well for indivisual countries? Since other counties will rise, that means the amount of water people get is less than before the population raised.

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