Olympics 2014


Luge in the Olympics

The luge is any Olympic sport that was added to the Olympics in 1964. The sport has grown from a hobby to a big event in the Olympics.

Best Lugers

Many of the best lugers comes from Germany. Germany won all the luge events in the Vancouver Olympics. The top luger in the world as of now is Germany's Felix Loch


The history of the luge goes back to the 14th century. However the first international luge race was in 1883 in Switzerland. The race was 2.5 miles long and two people tied for first with a time of 9 minuets and 15 seconds. There was no formal luge organization until 1980 Olympic games. The USA luge was formed as the first National governing body.

What Equipment Is Used

Luge Equipment consists of aerodynamic suits to reduce wind resistance made of leather and plastic, crash helmets made of Kevlar and fiberglass made by UVEX, face shield made of a shatterproof polycarbonate material, Spiked Gloves made of leather, lightweight racing boots, and the Sled.

Is the luge safe

Over the years many people have questioned the safety of the luge. In 2010 Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died on a training run the day of the ceremony. After this event the main idea of a luge track was to be challenging with many extra safety features. So is the luge safe? It is safe as long as the luger doesn't try to do any thing stupid or go to high on the wall.

How is the luge performed

To begin the race there are two bars on the side of the start. The luger grabs those bars and pushes themselves down the track. The luger paddles with spiked gloves the first 10 or so feet to gain speed. The luger then lies down in a prone position for the rest of the race. Its head is slightly lifted to see. Steering is the hardest part. The legs move the sled slightly to guide it. The luger can reach speeds of up to 90 MPH. The luger makes four runs for a total time. Because ever track is different there are no world records only track records.



The only events in olympic luge are men's singles, men's doubles, and women's singles.

Sochi 2014

In Sochi this year the results weren't very different. Germany taking all the golds and one silver. Russia with two silvers. Austria with one silver. Latvia with two bronze. Italy and USA with one bronze. Click on the button to go to the offical results.


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