Unyielding Grasp
By: Daniel Malone

Dear Fear,
run me
trip me
with cold hands
twisting my eyes
and tearing my life.

I don't care
Iv'e been startled before
so come at me with your unyielding grasp
and show me
who runs my life.

See, you're a slow burning fire
coming at me piece by piece
and not knowing what to do about it
the fear lives on
and continues to get me.

And you come at me like a zugzwang
blocking my every move
planning ahead
to get me
when I'm most vulnerable.

Now I always walk with trepidation
like not shooting the basketball
because I know I'll get blocked
and it gets to me
and it grows; and grows.

And it stays there; haunting me
until I realize
I have nothing to be afraid of
because after all
fear is false evidence deceiving us

To be real.

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