Blake Steinberg

Explosives Ordnance Disposal

I hope to help others in a career as an EOD specialist

Career Overview

EOD's will be expected to supervise, perform, and manage the disposal of explosive ordnance. They will be disarming, neutralizing, identifying, recovering, and disposing of hazardous explosives; chemical, conventional, incendiary, nuclear, and biological ordnance. EOD specialists are the  army's preeminent tactical and technical explosive experts. They are soldiers trained to defuse and destroy explosive ordnance.

Career Skills and Training

Men and women will need to take the ASVAB to see if they qualify to be an EOD specialist. They will also need to take 10 weeks of basic training and 39 weeks of Advance Individual training at Fort Lee, VA. EOD specialists will learn basic electronics/electricity fundamentals. They will also need to be able to identify US and foreign munitions. Helpful skills to have are; being advanced in algebra, chemistry, physics, geometry, and trigonometry. They will also need to be able to communicate effectively and work calmly under stress. EOD specialists must also be effective with computers.

Career Working Conditions

EOD specialists must be prepared to work everywhere. They will work from oceans to deserts to offices to houses. EOD specialists must be prepared to go anywhere at any specific time.

Career Wages and Outlooks

Average Salary of $120,000. You will receive many bonuses depending on the jobs you go on also.

Career Related Occupations

Navy, Marines, Airforce, Army, Police Officer, Gunsmith, Munitions Handler,

Bomb-Disposal Expert

Program of Study

No additional schools or courses after highschool are required to join. You will learn most of the things during training.

Program Coursework

Work with electronics and electrical equipment, work with computers, advanced math, and they will need to be effective with computers

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