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Campus History & Origin

The Umiversity of Houston is a four-year public university that was founded in 1927. In 1927 it started out as the Houston Junior College and grew to become the University of Houston in 1934. Later on it acquired the land for a permanent campus that later opened in 1939.

The University of Houston became a state university in 1963 and became part of the University of Houston System. The University of Houston system is comprised of branches of the university in the surrounding regions of Houston.

Today the University of Houston is a major public research-conducting and teaching college and is home to a diverse group of almost 40,000 students as well as providing approximately 300 undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Fight Song

Admission Requirements

63% of applicants are admitted

Spring/Summer/Fall 2015 Applicants:

Top 10 Percentile

  • SAT I Total: no minimum
  • ACT Composite: no minimum

Top 11-25 Percentile

  • SAT I Total: 1000 or
  • ACT Composite: 21

Top 26-50 Percentile

  • SAT 1 Total: 1100 or
  • ACT Composite: 24

51 and lower percentile

  • Individual Review

Tuition and Costs

Campus Life

The University of Houston is home to over 400 organizations, fraternities and sororities, leadership programs and other groups as well as 16 intercollegiate sports teams. In addition to that you can often find many opportunities to enjoy the arts through performances and art exhibits.

Degree Plan: Digital Media

Requirements for Degree

Core: 42 hours

Digital Media Major Requirements: 60-semester-hours

Area of Emphasis: 12-semester-hours

Electives: 6 hours

University Core Curriculum:


(6 semester hours which includes university core)

  • ENGL 1303 - First Year Writing I Credit Hours: 3.0
  • ENGL 1304 - First Year Writing II Credit Hours: 3.0
  • Writing in the Disciplines

    (3 semester hours which includes university core)

  • TELS 3363 - Technical Communications Credit Hours: 3.0
  • American History and Government/Political Science

    (12 semester hours which includes university core)

  • HIST 1377 - The United States to 1877 Credit Hours: 3.0
  • HIST 1378 - The United States Since 1877 Credit Hours: 3.0
  • POLS 1336 - U.S. and Texas Constitution and Politics Credit Hours: 3.0
  • POLS 1337 - U.S. Government: Congress, President, and Courts Credit Hours: 3.0
  • Language, Philosophy & Culture

    (3 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approved list)

    Creative Arts

    (3 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approve list)

    Social and Behavioral Sciences

    (3 semester hours which includes university core)

    Life & Physical Sciences

    (6 semester hours which includes university core - choose from approved list)


    (12-13 semester hours which includes university core from courses listed below)

  • MATH 1310 - College Algebra Credit Hours: 3.0
  • MATH 1313 - Finite Mathematics with Applications Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TMTH 3360 - Applied Technical Statistics Credit Hours: 3.0
  • PHIL 1321 - Logic I Credit Hours: 3.0
  • eMedia area of emphasis requires

  • MATH 1330 - Precalculus Credit Hours: 3.0
  • MATH 1431 - Calculus I Credit Hours: 4.0
  • Digital Media Major Requirements:

    DIGM 2350 - Graphics for Digital Media Credit Hours: 3.0

  • DIGM 2351 - Web Design Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 2352 - Digital Photography Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 2353 - Page Layout and Design Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 3351 - Graphic Production Process Control I Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 3354 - Video Production I Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4372 - Costing in Digital Media Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4399 - Senior Honors Thesis Credit Hours: 3.0
  • ITEC 3325 - Survey of Information Technology Applications Credit Hours: 3.0
  • SCLT 2362 - Introduction to Logistics Technology Credit Hours: 3.0
  • SCLT 2380 - Distribution Channels Credit Hours: 3.0
  • SCLT 3381 - Industrial and Consumer Sales Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 3340 - Organizational Leadership and Supervision Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 3345 - Human Resources in Technology Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 3355 - Project Leadership Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 3365 - Team Leadership Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 4341 - Production and Service Operations Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 4342 - Quality Improvement Methods Credit Hours: 3.0
  • Students must choose one area of emphasis:

    Print Media

  • DIGM 3350 - Digital Media Materials and Processes Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 3252 - Graphic Production Process Control II Credit Hours: 2.0
  • DIGM 3152 - Graphic Production Process Control II Laboratory Credit Hours: 1.0
  • DIGM 4373 - Graphic Production Process Control III Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4375 - Package Design Credit Hours: 3.0
  • eMedia

    (prerequisite of MATH 1330 and MATH 1431)

  • ELET 2300 - Introduction to C++ Programming Credit Hours: 3.0
  • CIS 2336 - Internet Application Development Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 3356 - ePublishing Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4376 - Integrated Media Credit Hours: 3.0
  • Video Production

  • DIGM 3370 - Two Dimensional Computer Generated Imagery Animation Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 3374 - Video Production 2 Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4376 - Integrated Media Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4379 - Transmedia Authoring and Distribution Credit Hours: 3.0
  • eCommerce

  • DIGM 3356 - ePublishing Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4376 - Integrated Media Credit Hours: 3.0
  • HDCS 4374 - Entrepreneurial E-Tailing Credit Hours: 3.0
  • HDCS 4375 - Strategies in E-Tailing Credit Hours: 3.0
  • Packaging

  • DIGM 3252 - Graphic Production Process Control II Credit Hours: 2.0
  • DIGM 3152 - Graphic Production Process Control II Laboratory Credit Hours: 1.0
  • DIGM 4373 - Graphic Production Process Control III Credit Hours: 3.0
  • DIGM 4375 - Package Design Credit Hours: 3.0
  • Guided Elective
  • Electives:

    DIGM 4396 - Internship in Digital Media Credit Hours: 3.0

  • HDCS 3369 - Entrepreneurship Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 2360 - Business Law Credit Hours: 3.0
  • TELS 4371 - Leading Change in the Workplace Credit Hours: 3.0
  • Elective or Computer Literacy ***
  • Art elective (Up to 6 hours)
  • Other DIGM courses not previously utilized may be approved for elective credit in consultation with the program coordinator.
  • Cover Letter

    Erin Rowley

    University of Houston Web Design

    8644 University Rd.

    May 19th, 2015

    Good day Erin Rowley,

    I would like to apply for the job of web and digital media student assistant as a work study position, as I have discussed with you before.

    As I have mentioned, I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media. I understand the circumstances in which I will work under if I receive this job and I am perfectly comfortable with and enjoy a diverse surrounding as a workspace. My passion for digital media is expressed through my boundless knowledge of various social medias, various software for Mac and PC, as well as interest and experience in videography and photography. I have grown a strong bond with my Integrated Media professor, Professor Irwin. His experience in videography and photography along with his mentorship have given me the experience necessary for this job.

    I would like to pursue a career in the digital media industry and be able to do things like create my own websites and such that can change the world. If I am accepted for this position, I will have the chance to attain experience that will prepare me for the workforce. It would be my pleasure to work for you. I would like to thank you in advance for considering me for the position as I would greatly benefit you.


    Rebecca Hernandez

    1234 Borealis St


    Letter of Recommendation

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am honored to advocate Ms. Rebecca Hernandez. Without a doubt, Ms. Hernandez is a devoted student and is driven and persistent in all of her studies. Her personality allows her to complete all of the required responsibilities in my rigorous class and many more.

    Ms. Hernandez has many beneficial skills including her experienced work with mac computers, the trained knowledge she acquires on various computer programs (Powerpoint, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Garageband, etc.), extensive understanding of social media, and the innovative imagination she contains. In addition, Ms. Hernandez is consistently punctual, and is eager to take on any challenges that may occur suddenly obviously giving you and your company a large advantage.

    Unquestionably, she would be a tremendous asset working for your company. Being Ms. Hernandez’s teacher and mentor, she has proven to be one of the most thoughtful, creative, and unprecedented students I have ever counseled throughout my career. If you wish to deliberate about Ms. Hernandez and all of her achievements, you may reach me at or via (619)-345-6789.

    Emma Larson

    Director of Internet Business Strategies

    San Diego State University


    San Diego, California

    Tel: (619)-345-6789


    Rebecca Hernandez

    1234 Street Name, El Paso, TX, 79938
    Phone: (915)-567-8910 E-Mail:


    Obtaining a job at the Microsoft Corporation to utilize my passion of Internet technology and digital media, grow professionally, and utilize the skills I have obtained toward this job.


    Tutoring 2014-2015

    Often volunteered at the library and media center at school as well as assist students who had trouble using programs like Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Excel, GarageBand, and Adobe Premier Pro.

    Work Study 2019-2020

    n Worked as a Web and Digital Media Assistant at the University of Houston under the direction of Professor Cruncleton. Used videography and photography in a diverse environment as well as create and edit websites including the school website.

    Apple 2021-2023

    Worked at a retail Apple store in Houston. Moved up to the position of general manager and recently resigned in search for a more fulfilling job.


    High School Diploma 2014-2018

      El Dorado High School

      Top 10%

      National Honor Society

      International Baccalaureate Certificate of Completion

    Bachelor’s in Digital Media 2018-2022

      University of Houston

      GPA: 3.92

      Dean’s List 2018-2022


      Fast learner

      Eager learner

      Work fast paced

      Experienced with various soft wares for Mac and PC as well as various social media

      Knowledgeable about Internet technology

      Experienced with computer companies

    Creative and expressive when using Internet technology and digital software

    Persuasive Essay

    Today, technology has become the basis for which humans do anything. Consequently, I am part of the generation that has grown up with the constant necessity and accessibility of computer technology and the Internet which explains why I’ve known how to use a computer since i was three years old. Over time I have been exposed to and become proficient with many different types of software and social media sources. And today the increase of technological innovation is still necessary to society, which is why I want to go to the University of Houston. As a tier one school, I believe that their educational opportunities will provide me with the means that will allow me to change the world through internet technology and digital media that I have grown to love.

    Technology has always been a part of my life. When I was a toddler, I used to play educational games on the Internet whether it was through computer games my parents bought me, or the Nick Jr. website. After I started school, I learned how to use PowerPoint in first grade due to the school enforcing the usage of technology. Since then I became more proficient with programs like PowerPoint and Word throughout elementary and middle school. Additionally, throughout middle school and high school, I became familiar with social media. At this point in my life, I realized just how much technology affects humanity. Microsoft software showed to be corporately beneficial to society while it appeared that social media was the negative side of technology. It showed the downfall of humanity because of the idiocy and ignorance that was heavily evident. However, it also proved to beneficial because people could express themselves as well as properly inform the public of the internet with personal accounts of current events whether the events were covered by CNN or World Star Hip Hop. This side of technology and internet fascinated me. I became infatuated with the idea of the world becoming interconnected and sharing yourself with the world as well as expressing yourself creatively through web programs and software.

    As another consideration, I believe that it is my duty to bring something different to this world; the internet being one of many mediums. Social media brings the world together, by allowing people from all over the world to connect over similar interests shown through specific social media and I want to be able to use the internet and digital media to bring people even closer. I want to be able to inform people about the things they care about while being accurate. I want to be the voice of those who don’t have one. I want to provide new opportunities for people through social media and bring forth new ideas. Being able to attend the University of Houston would make me one step closer to all of these goals. I’ve spent a lot of my youth using computers and variations like smartphones and tablets and I have found infinite patterns that make everything the same. Like Ghandi once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. This quote inspires me to bring something different to the world and an easy way to reach the world is through the Internet.

    It would be dream to attend the University of Houston because it would give me the necessary foundation to achieve my goals and bring something different to the online world. I would be able to attain the skills and education necessary to be the beneficiality of humanity through a digital media major.

    Career: Multimedia Developer

    A multimedia developer can range from creating the graphics in video games to movie animations to creating websites.

    The earnings for a multimedia developer can range from $30,000-$120,000.

    There is a general high demand for multimedia developers and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment rate for multimedia developers will raise 20% from 2012-2022.

    A multimedia developer works on multimedia productions like videogames, movies, and websites. They develop the ideas for these productions and find a collaborative group of financers and other creative minds to make them a reality. They can work for large corporations or be self-employed. A multimedia developer should have a technological knowledge of Web and media as well as communication skills.

    Job requirements for entry level positions include a Bachelor's degree in computer science, graphic design and similar or related degrees. Additionally having certifications in Adobe software and/or Microsoft software can make an employee stand out.


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