The Gupta Empire

The Gupta's were the leading contributers in mathematics.

The Gupta Empire is often known as the Golden Age of the Indian Culture

The Gupta Empire existed from around the time 330 AD to around 550 AD. This time period was referred to the “Golden Age” for the Gupta’s. The Gupta Empire collapsed in 550 AD due to the Central Asian Nomads called the White Huns invading India. The Gupta Military tried to defend the empire but instead they drained all of their money. After the defeat India divided back into a number of small regional kingdoms. The Gupta Empire was located in north western India.

  The Gupta’s had many contributions to today’s society. One major thing that they contributed to our society is mathematics. First they created Arabic numbers, and then they realized that they must have something to start at. They then created the concept of zero. Once they had these two great ideas together the people of the empire but them together to make the decimal system. The most significant achievements of this period were in religion, education, mathematics, art and Sanskrit Literature. In religion they practiced the religion of Hinduism. Education included grammar, composition, logics and mathematics.

  The Gupta Empire is a very interesting place. A few interesting facts from the Gupta Empire are in the caves of Ajanta, India, one can see the many cave paintings that were left on the walls of cave temples. The Buddhists who had their temples drew many magical paintings of Buddhism stories and legends and also scenes of the Gupta Empire.  In the year 310 A.D, a new leader emerged who would be begin to unify India. Many believe that this is why during this time India was believed to be in its “Golden Ages”. This leaders name was Chandragupta. Chandragupta set up his capital in the old kingdom of Magadha. As stated before The Gupta Empire was very interesting. Villages were protected from bandits and raids with local military squads. Each squad was made up of one elephant, one chariot, three armored cavalrymen and five foot soldiers. In times of war, all the squads were brought together to from the royal army.

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