Unit 2: Week 2

Unit 2: Freedom Week


Ways Humans Modify Their Environment

Students will discover the different ways humans modify their environment and research examples of each way around the world.

**Look back at page 5 of your digital notebook at the 5 themes of geography. When talking about human-environment interaction, you are asking yourself how people modify their environment. You WILL need to comprehend this so when we travel the world looking at the themes of geography of different locations, you know what to research for when answering human-environment interaction.


Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

Students will identify the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources.

**Yesterday we discussed ways humans modify their environment, looking at things like mining and deforestation. But why are people doing that? To gather resources. Mining for minerals or drilling for oil that is on their land that they can sell for profit or chopping down trees to make things.  What is the difference between renewable resources and nonrenewable resources? Trees grow back, but oil doesn't.


Goods & Services/Imports & Exports

Students will identify between goods and services and understand how goods travel between countries through imports and exports.

**Yesterday we talked about natural resources. How minerals, oil, irons, timber are collected via "ways we modify our environment" (mining, drilling, deforestation) and these resources are then used to make goods (fridges, clothes, food, paper... ect.) and these goods can then we exported from one country and imported to another.


Economic Systems

Students will learn about the different types of Economic Systems around the world and define them with examples in their digital notebook.


World Travels Digital Notebook