Shearin Group Ten Qualities of Outstanding Leaders

Although personal positive traits and skills may vary, most experts agree that excellent leaders tend to view the world in a consistent way. A stable set of values is particularly essential, as is a passion for maintaining high ethical standards. The most prevalent characteristics seen among these exceptional leaders include:

1. Leadership by Example – working as a model for others.

2. Visionary – setting a sense of direction for others.

3. Strong Communicator – listening and contemplating, including verbal communication.

4. Clear Thinking – simplifying things to facilitate awareness and reduce confusion.

5. Professional – being respectable both publicly and privately.

6. Open-Minded – welcoming constructive dissent or negative views.

7. Calm – remaining cool under pressure, even when the going is rough.

8. Trustworthy – living a consistent, highly moral, and just life.

9. Nurturing – exhibiting respect for others, their views, and their ability to attain valuable gains.

10. Supportive – assisting others develop their strengths and showing sincere appreciation.

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