Marco Polo

The great explorer of the eas

Picture of Marco Polo

Some Facts About Marco Polo's Early Life

     Marco Polo had an interesting early life, his family was very wealthy and his mom died when Marco was young and what made it even worse is that his dad and uncle were on a trip to china from 1260 to 1269 so they got to miss out on Marco's youth. When Marco was in school he was taught many merchant subjects. Marco was born in 1254 in Venice, Italy and died in 1324 at the age of 70 and was buried in the church of San Lorenzo.

Polo's Achievements and discoveries

     Some of the achievements of Marco Polo were he knew FOUR languages he also wrote a book called "Book of Sir Marco Polo". At the age of 17 he sailed from Venice, Italy to the Mediterranean sea and then to the middle east. He also traveled to Cathay where he met the emperor. Marco Polo also traveled on the silk road and was out travelling for 17 years before returning back to Venice. Many people say that Marco Polo discovered America a few years before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

The red is Marco Polo's Silk Road path.

      Marco Polo had some pretty big impacts on the world today, like one of them was that he  culture from the west to the east and another is that he helped the geography to show what its like on the east. These were some of the impacts on the world.

                                        Here are some pictures of Marco Polo